I have a HTML5 video that’s over 30 minutes long, I want users to be able to skip to specific sections of the video without having to wait for the entire video to download, is it possible?

Yes but you must make sure you are serving the video from a HTTP 1.1-compatible web server. This means that the browser can request specific chunks of the video without downloading the whole video. If you don’t have a HTTP 1.1 compliant web server then you need to encode your video with key index frames in the file and not at the end so that seek-ahead works. The "H.264 YouTube HD" profile in Expression Encoder 4 Pro does this.

It’s also important to remember that if the video file is gzipped, seeking won't work. Since, with most codecs, the video/audio data is already compressed, gzip/deflate won't save you much bandwidth anyway so it’s probably best to switch it off.

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