How to do a Count in IndexedDB

I had a question from a customer today where he asked How can I count the records in an IndexedDb database. The current IndexedDB prototype for IE8 and IE9 and the IE10 platform preview 3 do not include a count() implementation The latest Version (from April) of the IndexedDb working draft over at the W3C…


4 Ways to test your website in old versions of IE

This Article is out of date please check out the latest version here.   Twice this week I’ve been asked how you can test older versions of Internet Explorer once whilst delivering a guest lecture at Stafford University and then just a few hours later via email. So I thought that it was probably worth…


Can I use the Segoe UI WP7 font on my website?

I got asked this question recently via email and after a little hunting around I’ve discovered you can licence Segoe UI (a font similar to Segoe WP used on windows Phone 7) via a company called ascender. You can find out more about Microsoft Fonts and font Licencing over on the Microsoft Typography website: