UK Cookie Law

If you are struggling to understand the EU cookie legislation then this website go’s some way to explaining the current situation around cookies in the EU.

The website not only explains the current legislation but also offers up a solution to ensure that you comply with the legal requirements.

Comments (3)

  1. Mark Steven says:

    You may be interested to know that a compliance solution is now freely available from

    It will be adopted by Public Sector websites in Scotland in the run up to the May 2012 compliance deadline.

    Details are available here:

  2. Wolf Software says:

    At Wolf Software we have created a totally compliant plugin for ALL cookies, which will work with javascript and NON javascript web enabled devices, including all mobile devices and smart TV etc.

    A demo is available at:

    This will be on general release from Monday 19th Dec.

  3. Wolf Software says:

    We have created a complete suite of solutions both free and commercial for people who want to gain compliance via an active consent mechanism.

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