UK Cookie Law

If you are struggling to understand the EU cookie legislation then this website go’s some way to explaining the current situation around cookies in the EU. The website not only explains the current legislation but also offers up a solution to ensure that you comply with the legal requirements.


Tests Submitted to the W3C

I was asking a colleague of mine how many tests we have submitted t the W3C as part of IE9 and IE10 development. He pointed me over to the this great link that shows all of the tests we have submitted across various browser technologies and also shows the score of all the various user…


Resetting the Root Password with MySQL on windows

Whilst using WebMartix for Demos I sometimes forget the password I used to set up a system and end up having to uninstall and reinstall MySQL just because I want to reset the password. A colleague pointed out to me that on the MySQL website they have a guide on how you can easily reset…


An issue with IE9 Pinning

During the Tech.Days Online conference that I spoke at last week around 20 questions were asked and I thought I’d answered them all. However it turns out that I missed one, so I thought I would answer it here: Q:  I can drag pins to my taskbar, however, when I click on them nothing happens…