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One of the problems with blogging is that as soon as you post something it’s out of date. This problem is especially acute when you are a tech blogger, particularly one that writes code examples.

I stumbled across an example of this problem when I searched for an Entity Framework Code First Example. I arrived at Scott Guthrie’s blog where he gave a great example of EF code first, problem being that it was based upon the CTP version of EF. I followed the example so that I could generate some test data for my application. One of the classes tripped me up: RecreateDatabaseIfModelChanges wouldn’t resolve. I messed around with it for about 5 minutes attempting to guess what the new class name would be in the final version… I failed. I finally bit the bullet and took a look at the documentation it’s now called DropCreateDatabaseIfModelChanges

So there you go: RecreateDatabaseIfModelChanges  is now called DropCreateDatabaseIfModelChanges

Here’s hoping anyone with this same problem will find this post.

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