IE9 Shortcuts

Mice are for Wimps! Any .net developer worth their salt has memorised all the important Visual Studio Shortcut keys they need, so I thought maybe you’d like to see the IE9 ones. Below are a list of my favourites.

If you have anymore you use, let me know in the comments.

IE9 Keyboard Shortcuts -

Ctrl+Shift+P Launch In Private browsing (for all those… ahemmm… anniversary gift purchases)
F12 Open the Developer Tools
Ctrl+Shift+Delete Delete browser history
Ctrl+K Opens up a new tab with the current tabs address
Ctrl+Tab Switches Between Tabs
Ctrl+T Opens a Tab
Ctrl+W Close Current Tab
Ctrl+N Opens a new Window
Alt Show the menu bar temporarily
Ctrl+F Find in page
Alt+Left Go Back
Alt+Right Go Forward
Ctrl+L Highlight the text in the address bar
Ctrl+J Open the download manager
Ctrl+D Add a web page to favourites
Ctrl+B Organise your favourites
Alt+X Opens the tools menu
Alt+C View your favourites, You can then tab to see your feeds and browsing history
Alt+Home Go to your homepage
Ctrl and + Zooms in
Ctrl and - Zooms Out
F5 Refresh Page
F11 View in full page

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