SlideADay - Help me produce a 5 minute presentation

I'd like you to help me produce my next presentation on HTML5. The
presentation can only be 5 minutes long. I want to write one point every day….
I'll deliver the presentation in December verbatim.

I don't want to have any more than 10 points in the presentation. So that
means I need 10 x 30 second nuggets.

I'd like you to tell me what to say. So today and tomorrow I need 30seconds
for my opening content.

You can contribute be either commenting on this blog post or using the
twitter tag #Slideaday

Why am I doing it? Well…..

Why is twitter so popular? Why are YouTube videos watched so much? Why did
SMS messages catch on? I think the success of these services can be put down to
the arbitrary restrictions that are placed upon the user.

With twitter your not allowed more than 140 chars. With YouTube you can't
have a video longer than 10 minutes. And with SMS your restricted to 160 chars
and no images.

All these restrictions force the user to be more creative and has spawned
innovations like, twitpic, interactive videos and emoticons.

Inspired by the reduced Shakespeare company and ignite, I wondered what
would happen if I took the 45 minute presentations that I normally do and forced
an arbitrary restriction on them… like a 5 minute time limit.

Could I get as much information across to the audience?

I thought about how you take a topic as big as HTML5 and reduce it down to
just 5 minutes, and frankly I didn't know where to start, that’s when I thought
it might be a good idea to outsource it to people that are smarter than me…
that’s where you come in.

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