I told you we were serious about HTML5

Over the past few months I’ve talked at a number of events about how developers should only have to write HTML5 once and it should work the same across all HTML5 browsers including IE9. To accomplish this we’ve worked hard adhere to the standards laid out by W3C.

Therefore it was great to see yesterdays results from the W3C HTML5 standard Test Suite which shows that all major browsers are performing well against the official HTML5 tests, it show that the industry as a whole are working towards the same goal of Web interoperability. IE9 Platform Preview 6 performed particularly well in this round of tests, leading the field with the overall best results, however, it is worth remembering that the tests are currently a work in progress,  so no doubt the numbers and results will change as more tests are added and browser vendors improve their implementations.

Taking a look at the test suites for NEWT technologies like HTML5, SVG 1.1, ECMAScript  and portions of CSS 3 I get a warm glow as I imagine a day when the same code will work across all browsers.

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  1. @nonintanon says:

    superb! good work guys!

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