The IE9 Demo

Steve Ballmer

Yikes! Tuesday was a big day for me, the great @markjo and @markholmes some how convinced Steve Ballmer's team that be that I'd be a good choice to Demo IE9 at the UKTechdays event during Steve Ballmer's Keynote.  Now to say I was Nervous is understatement. It’s an understatement on the scale of  "Stephen Fry has a few followers on twitter"

When I first heard that I'd be demoing I thought @markjo had sent the email to me by mistake… I looked around the office wondering if there was another Evangelist called Martin that I'd not met before. Some inflatable super demo guru that they kept in a box somewhere just for this occasion. Inflatable or not I suspected that he'd be able to do a better job than me; after all we are both full of hot air.

In my short time at Microsoft I've been continually amazed by the opportunities that people here have offered me, I mean what awesomeness must I have done in a previous life to blag this gig? Now it’s not everyday I get the chance to demo for a man worth billions, It’s a pretty daunting thing. I think @lukepuplett (or maybe it was @pastypikepint (I am not sure how those twitter brackets work)) put it best when he said on twitter:

@lukepuplett: I described Steve Ballmer to my wife as a bit like seeing Optimus Prime in the flesh. #uktechdays (@pastypikepint)

Now I'd rehearsed that demo tirelessly for the last 3 days, and it went ok. I had a split second nightmare as I shook Steve's hand then went to walk behind him to get to the demo machine, only to realise that he wanted me to walk to the left of him. I somehow managed to shimmy past and finally got to safety of the demo desk. I started ok, fumbled once or twice, but ultimately I did what I needed to do and was so relieved when I could shake Steve's hand and get the hell of that stage.

Funny though as soon as its over; you're itching to get back up and do more.

So I was wondering… If you could do a demo with anyone famous: Who would it be and what would you demo?

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  1. Luke Puplett says:

    For those that weren't there, Martin's CEO, a guy worth $14.5 thousand-million dollars named Steve Ballmer loomed a few feet away as Martin gave a slightly tokenistic IE9 demo for the keynote speech.

    During said demo, Steve suddenly gave a booming interjection to point out that sites require additional measures to make them integrate with IE9/Windows 7, at which point the entire auditorium held their collective breaths.

    Martin stuttered back into his line of thought and recovered pretty well, under the circumstances. He passed the test but sadly went on to fail the spelling-Ballmer-with-two-Ls-test 😉


  2. thebeebs says:

    I'm blaming my dislexia… I'll go change it now before I get fired 🙂

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