Windows Media Center Sandbox – Screencast: Creating A Simple Media Center Application

Just wanted to point you all to two great screencasts on how you can develop applications on Windows Media Center. Personally I love Windows Media Center, it is the center of my entire home entertainment experience, it is networked and streamed all around my house. My wife at first was not interested, but now she…


PDC2008 | Social | Contests | ShowOff

When it doesn’t rain it pours as they say… Two blogs within 5 ten minutes. Now I have not had the chance to go to PDC for a while, but if you are a developer then this is an awesome conference to go to. This year the team are hosting a competition called “ShowOff”, where…


history.forward() – Port 25: The Open Source Community at Microsoft

I am excited about the work we are doing in contributing back to the Open Source community here at Microsoft. Our work on getting PHP to not only run, but run exceptionally well on Windows Server 2008 with FastCGI is a great step ahead to support web developers who are active users of this popular…


Moonlight (Silverlight on Linux) – Interview with Miguel de Icaza

Code to Live: Dancing in the Moonlight with Miguel de Icaza The interview is a bit old, but has just been published. Miguel de Icaza talks about Moonlight and how it came about. Thanks to Josh Holmes for posting it.


Presenting the security of Windows Server 2008

On Thursday night I had the privilege of presenting to the user group. Those who are unaware of this group, they are a passionate group of security experts in Singapore.   We had a 30-strong attendance from the group packed in to our Microsoft Innovation Center. My session was a very high-level overview about…


Want to go to Macau on Microsoft’s expense?

A colleague made me aware of this competition that they have launched around "Software + Services". All you need to do is to record yourself and friends delivering the "Software + Services" story based on the article located here as a guide. An explanation about the competition about the author himself…   If your video…


Making Security Better for the IT Pro

I literally just stepped out of keynoting the latest Technet Security Event for Microsoft Singapore. The question I posed to the attendees at the event, "What things can Microsoft be doing better for IT Professionals in Singapore with regards to security." The following were some of the responses Free Security Exam Vouchers 2 Day Security…


Ruby on Rails, Silverlight and IronRuby

Was just chatting to my colleague John Lam, the drive for IronRuby in Microsoft about his recent participation in RailsConf 2008. At the event there were two cool things that they showed. 1. Silverlight plugin for Ruby on Rails, bringing the richness of Silverlight applications to Ruby on Rails. 2. Getting IronRuby to run on…


Singapore Community Launch 2008

  Home – Community Launch 2008   On the 17th of May, the Singapore Professional’s .NET user group, the Singapore Windows User Group and Singapore SQL Server user group are coming together to have their own community launch of Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008. I love these launches because you…