Nearly 50% of Windows 7 PCs run 64-bit versions I have been using 64-bit on all the machines I own that can run it. While the features are the same as the 32-bit versions, it’s the ability to fully utilize all the capabilities of your machine is what I love. Now many people ask me should I run 64-bit Windows on my computer?…


Installing Windows 7 on a MacBook via a USB

Ok, so I am no MacBook specialist, but someone I was talking to was complaining about the amount of time it took to install Windows 7 via Bootcamp on a MacBook via a DVD. So I got a hold of a MacBook, my wife got one for a broadband promo, and embarked on the challenge….


Speed up the Windows Task Bar

Saw this great tip from the guys at on how to speed up your Windows 7 Taskbar. When you have lots of applications running, its a great way to speed the process up to look through all the active applications. Check it out at


Internet Explorer Security Update Released

As a follow up to the recent IE security vulnerability. Microsoft has released an out-of-band security update to protect the recently reported remote code execution hack. You can see more details here If you have Automatic check for updates enabled, you should get this update automatically.


The Internet Explorer threat

There has been a huge amount of media regarding the current security concerns of using Internet Explorer as a browser on your machine. Reports are indicating that the French and German governments are instructing people to change to another browser to fix the problem. Our advice for users of Internet Explorer today is to ensure…


Tangible Savings of Windows 7 vs. Windows XP

There are certainly a lot of different information about how a company can implement specific technologies to help reduce costs in the areas of TCO etc… however what about just basic off the operation of a business bill cost? Lets take electricity consumption for example. Windows Vista introduced new power savings features in to the…


Installing Win7 using a USB Stick | Media | TechNet Edge

My good friend Dennis has just posted a “How-To” video on installing Windows 7 from a USB drive. Apart from the practicality of having it on a USB driver rather than a DVD, its a really fast install! Installing Win7 using a USB Stick | Media | TechNet Edge