Installing Windows 7 on a MacBook via a USB

Ok, so I am no MacBook specialist, but someone I was talking to was complaining about the amount of time it took to install Windows 7 via Bootcamp on a MacBook via a DVD.

So I got a hold of a MacBook, my wife got one for a broadband promo, and embarked on the challenge.

1. Partition the drive using BootCamp Assistant: This step is simply to help to partition the drive so you can choose to run either OS at startup. The *ISSUE* is that bootcamp does not recognize a USB key as a viable installation path, so that shot that down. I hope that this gets fixed at some point, as I love installing my PCs via USB, its very fast.

2. Download a free tool called rEFIt: This tool essentially lets you to have better control of where the Macbook will boot from when you restart. Once you have this installed, you can then restart the machine, then as it starts back up, you can hold down the “Command” button to choose the “Install Windows from” option. This will then detect the USB as an installation media.

3. Follow the prompts of the normal Windows 7 install: That's the simple part. The installation to a usable OS took just over 15 mins.

So there you have it, installation of Windows 7 from a USB drive on to a Macbook, simple and hassle free… now!

Comments (4)

  1. chupachups says:

    for pete’s sakes (and Balmer’s), stop messing around with the Mac! Bigger crime is messing around with your wife’s machine! Good luck there!

  2. the_hardman says:

    I am usually on my Lenovo T61p or my custom built PC, but this was more helping someone with a query on the how… and I love a challenge. Lucky my wife is a very patient person 🙂

  3. chupachups says:

    Lenovo T61p?

    Great HW, but Windows 7 still doesn’t get my vote. For an OS that requires a clean install from XP, its driving my company nuts. I’ve migrated a portion of my machines over to Macs, and its been great. So please don’t even suggest that my Macbooks be installed with Windows 7. Attempting challenges are meant for those who don’t have work on their hands; I just want to get my work completed (and my company’s) and go home to the wife (ugrh!). My wife ain’t too patient with me coming home late, especially, when I have to try and migrate the rest of the XPs over to Windows 7!

  4. the_hardman says:

    How many machines are you migrating? Can I suggest you look at how the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit might be able to assist, I know a number of organizations are using it, and it might make your life a bit easier…

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