Talking about Windows 7 to my favorite Audience.. the IT Pro community

So I am working on a session for my good buddy Dennis Chung at MS to present Windows 7 to the IT Pro community. Its always interesting presenting to the IT Pro community as they are probably one of the most honest and enjoyable audiences to talk to. Marketing fluff is not high on the agenda for these guys and gals and I love that. What I do find interesting is that we constantly present the strategy and features relevant to a business, however when I think about it, they are just like everyone else in their personal life, they are also a consumer… a very tech savvy consumer :-).

So here is my dilemma, how much do you focus on the commercial aspect of Windows 7 vs. the consumer aspect of Windows 7?

Well I have 75 mins to present apparently, so what that does mean is plenty of time for some great demonstrations… no one gets excited at slides :-).

So maybe we check out the following;

  1. UI Enhancements
  2. Play-To
  3. Desktop Virtualization
    1. Booting from a VHD
    2. Windows XP Mode
  4. Remote Media Streaming

There are lots of things I guess, anyone got any suggestions on things they would really like to see?

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