Improve Longhorn code quality

Starting the coming Monday (July 12, 2004), I will be working for the Windows devision instead of Visual Studio.  My new team is focusing on improving the quality of the Longhorn code base.  I might write more about it once I get an idea on what it is really like there.

I would love to hear your suggestions and comments on best software development practice, and what you think we can do to improve the quality of a software project that involves millions of lines of code.  Do you have a story to share?  That would be great.

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  1. silvernight says:

    I usually work with a computer in my office, another computer in my house and a Laptop.

    In my house I have not domain (no server).

    In my office I login in a Domain.

    In my laptop I CAN’T switch between diferents domains and PRESERVE "my documents" and other profiles… 🙁

    Usually, I have to use my Laptop to works with the same files in my house, my laptop and my office.

    It is not easy to syncronize all those directories… and a "mobile profile" is not valid, across differents domains.


    A good Idea is to recognice severans domains for an account and to enter into the right domain without change anything in the configuration (like DHCP for IP adquisition).

    It may be done using a Certificate or something similar to avoid same password across domains.

    With that, I’ll be able to preserve "my documents" folder and configuration when I enter in a domain, other domain or workgroup without domain.


    If I have several computers and working folders. A good Idea is to sincronize automaticly (replicate) those folders between computer without using the server computer

    (Now, it is posible to have in the domain a mobile folder, but the folder is far away in the server).

    The laptop is a via to transport changes and to work outside a lan (train, holidays, countryside).

    Replication is necessary here in Spain. There is a lack of internet facilities and speed.


    I think this kind of mobility is necessary in new versions of windows.

  2. Derek says:

    We still use Visual C++ 6 at my workplace, so I don’t know if this have been fixed yet, but one problem I’ve found is with circular include dependencies. One example is: ole2.h -> objbase.h -> urlmon.h -> servprov.h -> ole2.h.

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