Orcas Workspace Mapping Improvements

I thought I would give you an overview of the workspace mapping improvements which Brian Harry mentioned in his TFS roadmap post. Please do keep in mind that any of this might change / be removed before Orcas ships - so there are no guarantees.

History: In DevDiv our branches are enormous ,  a developer typically maps only portions of the tree they need to work on. Upon analysis we determined an average workspace had 100+ mappings. To reduce the performance and maintenance overhead of a large number of mappings we are introducing the following features.

 1. Mappings under Cloaks

This will allow you to cloak a top level folder and map individual folders beneath it.

e.g. Cloak $/proj/privatedirs

      Map   $/proj/privatedirs/johndoe     d:\dd\privatedirs\johndoe

2. One Level Mappings

This will allow you to map all immediate child items of a folder (any sub folders & items will not be mapped locally)







A one level mapping, will end up getting only the items under $/proj/dir (i.e. file1.txt, file2.txt, dir2 will be created - but no items below it will be downloaded)

Map $/proj/dir/*    d:\dd\dir

These features will allow for more complex workspace definition, and allow users to cloak out larger portions of the tree they do not need (improving get performance)






Comments (8)

  1. Hi: Recently one of our developers blogged about two new Orcas features that look to alleviate some pain

  2. keith_hill says:

    Awesome. I look forward especially to the Mapping under cloak feature.  With a dir structure that has many releases (complete copies of the trunk) under a $/proj/Branches/Releases folder it will be nice to cloak the Releases folder and then be able to map just *one* of the releases under that cloaked folder to work on a patch.

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  4. Buck Hodges says:

    Chandru, a developer on the TFS version control server, has written the first post on the Version Control

  5. Eugenez says:

    The versatility in workspace definition is very good and welcome change (especiallu cloaking thing). Just do not forget to add UI for managing workspaces in large organization.

    As an example, the one requirement our client had (whcih we tried to implement in Workspace Sidekick) was the ability to easily duplicate workspaces template across the company, as they had complex solutions structure and inter-solution dependencies based on structure. Command-line is not the best choice for such scenarios 🙂

  6. tfsvcs says:

    Eugenez – Thanks for the feedback. The mappings under cloaks and one level mapping  features will be available through the UI. Workspace templates do help a lot in large and complex trees – however it is not currently scheduled for Orcas, I will send along your comments to our feature PM.


  7. Take a look at the newly created Version Control blog for which Chandru (one of the devs on the team)

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