Setting up Test Controller – Agent to do Automation Testing

The objective of this article is to provide step by step guidance on how to setup lab environment to execute automation test cases. Steps as follows: Download Agents for Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Update 5: System requirements to install Test controller and agent: TFS version, Test Controller and Agent compatible and supported combinations: Install…

AD Group refresh times out in Release Management 2013/2015 WPF setups: “Unable to refresh AD groups at this time. This can happen if AD is temporarily unavailable. Please try again. If the problem persists contact your application administrator.”

We’ve come across some SQL timeout issues with RM 2013/2015 when it has to process a large amount of users/groups to sync with AD. If your setup has a large number of users, permissions managed by adding users to AD groups, and in turn they’re added as RM Groups, you may run into this issue….