vNext Build: Using a variable for Server Path for repository is not supported.

Until TFS 2015 update 1, it was possible to define and use a variable, for Server Path, to specify the repository to be used with a vNext build, as indicated below:
• Create a variable (“SolutionPath” in the below example) under the Variables section, and specify the server path (TFS path) that contains the solution, as the value.


• Under the Repository tab, provide the variable created earlier, for the value of Server Path under Mappings.

This configuration was allowed until TFS 2015 update 1. We have removed the support for this configuration starting update 2, as we have seen cases where this could lead to severe workspace corruption issues.

If you see the build stuck in the “Waiting for an agent to be requested” state, please check the configuration to see if you have used a variable for Server Path. If yes, provide the value for Server Path directly, instead of using a variable.


We are also working on improving the message from the build agent.
Hope this helps!

Content: Sreeraj Rajendran
Review: Manoj Mohunthan

Comments (2)
  1. Michael Fulton says:

    Is there any plan on being able to allow this functionality through another mechanism in future releases? We would like to utilize this functionality to streamline building certain solutions to insure they are built the same way.

  2. John Sewell says:

    Please restore this functionality ASAP.

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