TFS 2010 RTM: Test case order doesn’t update in MTM 2012 and 2013 clients


Test case order doesn’t update in MTM 2012 and 2013 clients, while connected to TFS 2010 RTM.

Note: This issue doesn’t happen if you are connected to TFS 2010 RTM from an MTM 2010 client.


TFS 2010 RTM.

MTM clients 2012, 2013.


· Connect to a TFS 2010 RTM instance from MTM 2012 or 2013 client. Create or connect to a Test Plan and Test Suite under a team project. Add some test cases.


· Update the Test Case order by clicking on the Order button. Here I am updating the order of Test Case with ID 9 to 2 and 10 to 1.


· The value updated value for test order reflects correctly in the Plan tab in MTM.


· Switch to the Test tab in MTM – here the value for the test order doesn’t update.



· Update TFS to the latest 2010 update – Service Pack 1 and Cumulative Update 2. Both 2012 and 2013 clients works perfectly after upgrading TFS from RTM to the latest update.

Hope this helps!

Content created by – Sreeraj Syama Rajendran
Content reviewed by – Romit Gulati

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