Migrating Test cases in TFS 2013

When you open your test cases in Excel the Actions column appear in a format other than rich text like below. Now when you plan to migrate the test cases using Excel, the Action/steps column remains the same [non - rich text format.]

One way to migrate/copy the test cases with the columns intact for TFS 2013 is to use the Grid view in TWA. The below listed steps will help you with the process.

NOTE: This is applicable only to TFS 2013 and above. The lower versions of TFS does not have this option, instead for versions below TFS 2013 you can use the tool here.

1. Navigate to the Test tab in TWA for the project from where you want the test cases migrated/copied from,


2. Switch the view from list to Grid.


3. Select and copy the test cases you want to migrate.


4. Now navigate to the Test tab in TWA for the project you want to move/copy the test cases to. The default view of the test cases is List.


5. Change the view of the Destination project from list to Grid.


6. Paste the copied test cases and save it. Once you save them you will find the ID created for the test cases.
Note: the columns of the test cases between source and destination should be identical.



You may also paste the copied over test cases as below.

1. After copying the test cases [as mentioned in the first 3 steps], Navigate to the Test tab in TWA of the Server you want to move the test cases to and select “New test case using grid”,


2. Paste the copied over test cases in the window that opens,


And like before once you click on save the ID will be generated.


Note: You will have to use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V options as the right click option is not available.

That is it. Now you should be able to see the test cases migrated/copied over to the project you wished to.

Hope this helps!


Content created by – Sinduja Karruppiah
Content reviewed by – Chandra Sekhar Viswanadha

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