TFS 2013: Upgrade Fails with “TF400704: ImportPlan is an invalid servicing step type for step performer TestManagement during ToDev12M65FinalConfiguration”


We have been getting some collection upgrade failures lately with the error “TF400704: ImportPlan is an invalid servicing step type for step performer TestManagement during ToDev12M65FinalConfiguration”

The primary cause of this upgrade failure in a scaled-out deployment, is that, the other App Tiers were not shut down properly during the time of upgrade.

As per this article,
“If you have a scaled-out deployment of TFS application tiers that you want to upgrade, you should do one of the following processes, based on the version of the product you’re upgrading from.

Your TFS farm is TFS 2012 or TFS 2013: Quiesce every application tier in the farm. After all previous versions have been quiesced, install TFS 2013 on one of the application tiers (without uninstalling the previous version of TFS) and run the upgrade as you would for a standalone deployment. Select any application tier in the farm that you like; it doesn’t matter. After the upgrade completes, use the Add an Application Tier wizard to install Team Foundation Server 2013 (without uninstalling the previous version of TFS) on the remaining application tiers. This reassembles the farm and completes the farm upgrade.

This is a requirement for these types of upgrades. The error appears during the upgrade if one of the job agents from the other Application Tiers is doing some operation on the databases while upgrading. It is highly recommended to Quiesce and run the upgrade.
If you have encountered this error, then the only way to fix this is, is to redo the upgrade by restoring the databases again and starting the upgrade after shutting down other ATs.

So, make sure to Quiesce all the ATs, before performing the upgrade. Once upgrade completes successfully add the other ATs.

Suggested steps:

1. Quiesce /stop background job agent services and application pools for TFS in all the application tiers
2. Close the upgrade Wizard
3. Click on the server name on the Application tier wizard
4. select remove feature and choose Application server
5. Once this is removed, please close TFS admin console
6. Restore all the TFS database backups taken prior to the upgrade
    a. TFS_Configuration
    b. TFS_DefaultCollection ( you may have a custom name for this)
    c. TFS_Warehouse
7. Now open the TFS administration console
8. Click on configure features
9. Select upgrade
10. once upgrade is complete, Go to other application Tier's and use only application Tier wizard post installation of the TFS latest bits.

Content created by – Manigandan Balachandran & Vimal Thiagaraj
Content reviewed by – Chandra Sekhar Viswanadha

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