Steps to configure Sharepoint for TFS when “Network Service" is used as the Sharepoint Service account on a remote farm


Even though it’s advisable to use a domain account as the service account for TFS and Sharepoint, in some rare cases there may be a need to use the system account – Network Service as the service account for running Sharepoint/TFS.

The following blog will be useful only in the following scenario

· TFS service account - network service

· Sharepoint Service account - network service

· Sharepoint farm is Remote – not on the same server as TFS

We need the following permissions

· Sharepoint Server – log on account must be a farm admin, sys admin on the SQL that’s hosting the sharepoint databases (or atleast db owner for the sharepoint databases)

· TFS Server – log on account must be a TFS administrator

· Install and Configure the TFS extensions on the SharePoint machine

· Add the Network Service account of TFS machine to the sharepoint farm administrator group. The format would be <domain>\<tfs-server name>$



· After this we will need to add the sharepoint service account to the TFS group – SharePoint web application services using the TFS admin console.



In the above dialog box click on the object types and select the computers options.


· The next step would be to grant permissions for TFS in the Sharepoint Extensions for TFS


· After this add the granted web application to the list of Sharepoint web applications on the TFS admin console



Content Created By: Venkata Narasimhan A

Content Reviewed By: Lakhminder Singh

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