Moving .RDL files from one reporting services instance to another


Scenario: The “.rdl” files have to be moved from one Reporting services instance to another. This scenario arises when the report server database cannot be moved from source to destination SSRS instance, since already a report server database is being used on the target SSRS instance.

We will take the test example of the “Bug Status” report in the “Bugs” folder of a project.

1. Select “Details View” option on the right side of the page.


2. From the dropdown menu of the “Bug Status” report, select “Manage”.


3. Then select the “Download” option. This will help you download the “.rdl” file.


4. Save the “.rdl” file to any desired location.


5. Then copy the “.rdl” file to a location on the new reporting services instance.


6. On the target instance, upload the .rdl at the same path as it was on the source SSRS instance


7. Now, under the project where you want to upload the “.rdl” file, upload the file as shown:


8. Select the location of the “.rdl” file and upload it with the same name i.e. “Bug Status”.


This will upload the “.rdl” file to the project location where you desire to move.

NOTE: The permissions given under the “security” of each of the reports is not carried from the source instance to the target instance. The permissions have to be given manually for each of the report, by comparing it with the permissions on the reports of the source machine.


Created By: Abhilash Owk

Reviewed By: Lakhminder Singh

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  1. Gaurav says:

    This seems a useful solution. However there is solution available to transfer multiple RDL files using tool called rss scripter.

  2. Thanks for clear explanation !!!

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