How to Uninstall WSS 3.0 and reinstall WSS 3.0 for TFS 2010 – Part 1

This is a situation, where we want to remove the WSS 3.0 installed along with TFS 2010 and reinstall the same and configure with TFS 2010 again.

How to Un-configure WSS 3.0 from a TFS 2010 box?

Backup: Before making any changes, please make a full back up with the steps outlined in the article

Steps to un-configure:

:-Steps within Tfs admin console

Please open the TFS Administration console, click on SharePoint Web Applications under Application Tier , Select the web application in the list of SharePoint web applications and click on remove


You will notice a warning, Click Yes and remove.



If this is on a box which has TFS 2010 Advanced installation, you will notice SharePoint Extensions

Please click on the link and select the web application and remove Access.

:- Steps to be completed in the SharePoint Central administration and on Windows

Open SharePoint Central Administration V3 web site,

Click on Operations and then select Solution Management under Global Configuration


You will notice three solutions in deployed state:




Select the solution and click on retract solution (we need to do this for all the 3 solutions)


When you click on retract it will give a warning message as follows.


Click ok and retract the solution. When you complete the retraction for all the three solutions, the solution list will appear like this.


Now select the solution one by one and delete.

Once this is done, please follow the steps in the blog post by Lakhminder Singh to uninstall and reinstall WSS 3.0 (same steps applies for TFS 2010 as well)

Install SharePoint Extensions for TFS from the TFS 2010 DVD.

Once the installation is complete,

Now follow the steps in an elevated command prompt,

You can locate the following solutions in the folder where TFS is installed:

“Drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010\Tools\Templates”




Now navigate to

Drive:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\12\BIN

and run the following command lines.

Stsadm -o addsolution -filename Microsoft.TeamFoundation.SharePoint.wsp

Stsadm -o addsolution -filename TswaWebPartCollection.wsp

Stsadm -o addsolution -filename Microsoft.TeamFoundation.SharePoint.Dashboards.wsp

*Note: Please use the exact path to specify the location of the wsp files in the command line.

This will add the necessary solutions in WSS 3.0 but it will not be in deployed state once added from command line. To deploy them revisit Operations tab in the Central admin and click on Solution Management under Global Configuration

And click on these solutions and deploy them.

Now visit TFS Administration console and Click on the SharePoint Extensions and Click on Grant Access

And select the web site to be given access (default web site)

Once this is complete, Click on the SharePoint web applications and application tier and add the web application.

Once this is complete, please open respective collection databases and click on the SharePoint tab and select the web application ( Ex : http://TFSAT/sites)

This will complete the process of uninstalling and reinstalling WSS 3.0 for TFS 2010.

Author: Vimal Thiagaraj                                                                                                       Reviewed by: Lakhminder Singh

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