Minimum permissions required for the TFS Setup account on the SQL Server during TFS upgrade

Author - Ravi Kumar
Reviewed by – Lakhminder Singh

Here is a blog post from the TFS Setup SME, Ravi Kumar. He gives the minimum list of permissions required by the tfssetup account while upgrading TFS particularly from TFS 2005/2008 to TFS 2010 upgrade.  Surely, Admins who do not want to give Sys admin role for the account upgrading TFS will like this information.

Server Level Permissions:-

                                                        ALTER ANY LOGIN

                                                        VIEW ANY DEFINITION

                                                        CREATE ANY DATABASE

                                                        ALTER ANY DATABASE.

Server Role: -                            Server Admin

Permissions on Master database:–

                                                        Create Role

                                                        View definition



                                                        CREATE DATABASE

                                                        Control on Master

Roles on the TFS databases: -

                                                       db_owner database role on all the TFS Databases  except TfsWarehouse relational database

SharePoint permissions:–

                                                     Member of SharePoint Farm administrator group

                                                     db_owner database role for all three SharePoint databases

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