TFS 2010 New Media Released – includes fixes for upgrade!

Today, we have released the new TFS media.  As of today if you download TFS from MSDN subscriber downloads, the TFS trial from or order TFS through a reseller, you will get the updated TFS installation media, the fix will be automatically included and you need not worry further about it.  If you’ve already download TFS media, We recommend you discard it and re-download the updated media.  Our volume licensing download site is the only place that has not yet been updated but we are expecting the updates there on August 10th (only 5 days from now).

To assure yourself that you have the updated media, you can check for the following files on the media:

· <dvd>\tfs-x86\wcu\kb2135068

· <dvd>\tfs-x64\wcu\kb2135068

If they are there, then you have the new media.

For more information, kindly refer to Brian Harry’s blog posting here:

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