TFS: Install/ Administration guide error message, while opening the .chm file

Vimal brings a short but valuable info: Of late I have been receiving calls from customers, who are not able to open the .Chm file whenever I ask them to look at the TFS Installation / administration guide,

(Usually the TFS install and Admin guide are available to download in the .chm format)


The solution to this problem is to right click on the file and go to its properties and click on “UNBLOCK” and then click on apply.


If the file is in a network drive, or a shared location, even though we unblock it, we will still face the “Page cannot be displayed error”


To overcome this, copy the chm file to a local folder /desktop.


Applies to TFS 2005 / TFS 2008 / TFS 2010


Keywords: .chm, page cannot be displayed error


Content by: Vimal

Reviewed by: Lucky

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