TFS 2008: “Error TF220065” while running TFS installation.

This might sound very silly, but I had taken a good amount of time to solve with this issue. While running the installer you might hit an error:

"TF220065: An error occurred while the Setup program was querying the settings from the server that is running SQL Server Reporting Services. This error is most likely caused by either a firewall or a network problem preventing a connection to the server that is running Reporting Services."


The "VSTF_RS_Server" value in the MSIProperty.ini file might have an incorrect value. This might happen if you were trying to originally set up a multi-tier Team Foundation server with a remote Reporting services instance and later settled down to go with a Reporting services instance on the application tier itself. If you wish to point the installer to use a remote reporting services instance, the pre-installation steps requires you to specify the remote server name as the value as the parameter for “VSTF_RS_Server” in the MSIProperty.ini file.


Open the MSIProperty.ini file in a editor (like notepad) and modify the value for  VSTF_RS_Server  with the name of the computer that runs the Reporting services component. If the reporting services component is running on the applicaiton tier, the value should ideally be [ComputerName]

Note: The value cannot be blank inside the square brackets.


1) Navigate to <Drive>:\AT\msiproperty.ini file

2) Open the msiproperty.ini file on a Note pad

3) Modify the value for VSTF_RS_Server as VSTF_RS_Server = [ComputerName]

4) Save and close the file and start the installation.

Content By: ArunRama

Reviewed by: Lucky


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