List of TFS 2010 Patches

As of 6/18, there is a patch that fixes a critical upgrade bug and it can be downloaded here: plase install this patch before installation but before configuration. A more detailed explenation can be found here:

Comments (8)

  1. Jerome says:

    So I already installed TFS 2010 and clicked on the link that said "before contining with configuration, please review a list of important changes since the product was released" that brought me to this blog post and now you're telling me "please install this patch before installation but before configuration". So do I need to unistall TFS 2010 now and then install the patch, then reinstall TFS 2010?

  2. Richard says:

    Looks like this only applies if your upgrading. The issue description is: TFS 2010: Labels created in TFS2008 do not contain items after migration to TFS 2010

  3. K.Kong says:

    @Jerome: me too.

    The message could have been clearer.  "plase install this patch before installation".  Before installation of what? And under what circumstances?


  4. ThomasI says:

    It's a mis-statement above. They mean AFTER installation

  5. Tomasz says:

    This article has been posted in April and it's December now. I'm surprised that it hasn't been clarified. Do I need to install the patch if I'm install TFS 2010 from scratch, but once installed I will migrate my TFS 2008 code base to 2010?  

  6. Mstee says:

    Guys, it seems that the author Aaron, does not work for MS anymore so don't expect an update since it is his personal blog :/

  7. MrMMills says:

    I too have been directed to this site after I installed the patch after the TFS Binaries, but fefore running the Configuration Wizard…. is this site is a victim of 'author abuse' by putting code in the TFS2010 install  that directs people to this personal blog..?.

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