Deskbot adds cool animations with text to speech

I recently found an article describing the Deskbot which is one of the cooler text to speech reader programs available IMHO. Oh, and it’s free! (BTW, does your TTS engine correctly readout the string “IMHO” as “in my humble opinion”? — it should). (BTW, Neospeech’s Paul reads it right, but XP Sam does not). So…


New Hindi text to speech voice. Are you a native Hindi speaker? What’s your opinion?

There was an ariticle on web that describes a company with a TTS voice for Hindi. And for all you SAPI devs, the desktop version is SAPI compliant. According the article, “‘Vaachak’, developed by Prologix Software Solutions, is the first, high-quality, Indian language TTS system, which converts Hindi and English text into natural and pleasant sounding…


Girl saved from text to speech device: Dynavox Software

Truly! Find out how you too can use TTS when watching the Macy’s Day Parade to reflect falling debris such as a light post fixture. Egads, it’s a good thing the gal was alright. If you read the article, you’ll note that the laptop was loaded with Dynavox software (and runs only on Windows). The…


Jim Allchin comments on Vista text to speech

When you look back at what Windows was in 1990 and you look at what Vista is slated to be next year, are you surprised or disappointed at the level of development and sophistication they have achieved? [JimAll]I would say both. I didn’t know that we were going to make as much progress on the…


GPS mobile device reads street names using text-to-speech

Anybody out there use a GPS device? Apparently Mobile Crossing has announced some newer features that include the text-to-speech readout of street names. The lower-end model starts at about $550. I wonder how well it actually does across the country with names? This is a big challenge for TTS engines as you ideally want to…


I’m back from paternity leave

Just when you think you are settling into a job, they encourage you to take a month off. Sorry to have not posted anything in October.  It was a great time for me to connect with my daughter – and wow, she is amazing. She’s not speaking yet – but I think I can tell the difference…


Third Party Text to Speech Voices

Microsoft has a page buried on its website that details a few third party speech component companies. Unfortunately, the page was showing a few companies that are slightly out of date (as of today – although I’ve requested to the appropriate authorites that the site be updated immediately). At any rate, I’m pasting the information…


Apple’s 1987 Knowledge Navigator

Egads! Check out this video which predicts the future of computing… in particular, the TTS is… well, what better way to put it… just like a real person via a video! (Oh my, I do believe it IS a real person). At any rate, it’s quite interesting from a historical perspective. Apple – nor any…


Article for coding TTS to .wav

Here is a brief article on some step by step instructions on the code I recently posted with help from Matt Harrington in regards to outputing TTS to .wav via C#. (Also, our very own Robert Brown wrote up similar instructions with a managed API.)


Using C# to output TTS to a .wav

The purpose of this brief article is to demonstrate, step by step with screenshots, how you can use Visual Studio to write a C# application that will write TTS to a .wav file. In a nutshell, the process is to create a form with a button on in that writes a TTS sentence (embedded in…