Model Talker will allow individuals to create their own custom TTS voice

It was only a matter of time.... AgoraNet, Inc. appears to be in the process of introducing the Model Talker system of TTS, allowing an individual to create a TTS engine based on her voice to be used with any Sapi 5.0 compliant system (Windows XP/Vista). The technology is targeted towards individuals loosing their ability to speak. Very cool.

I can imagine that someday you'll check into a new company and as part of your new hire task list, you'll be ask to sit down at your desk for the first hour of each day recording a series of sentences. At the end of a few weeks, you'll upload your recordings to HR and they will run it through a tool and then send the result to your IT team. Now, when you send an email to someone in your company, they can listen to your email - with not just any TTS voice, but a TTS version of your very own voice.

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