Girl saved from text to speech device: Dynavox Software

Truly! Find out how you too can use TTS when watching the Macy's Day Parade to reflect falling debris such as a light post fixture. Egads, it's a good thing the gal was alright. If you read the article, you'll note that the laptop was loaded with Dynavox software (and runs only on Windows). The Series 4 product comes with a variety of TTS voice options including VeriVox natural sounding voices, AT&T Natural Voices (Crystal and Mike in the US, Charles and Audrey in the UK), or DECtalklaptop.

Something unique out about the software are its pre programmed page sets which each focus on a different language domain (e.g., medical pages, teen pages, or typical conversation pages) which appear to allow for quick selection of phrases frequently related to the specific domain. It's nice to see the true benefits of TTS. Kudos to Dynavox.

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