GPS mobile device reads street names using text-to-speech

Anybody out there use a GPS device? Apparently Mobile Crossing has announced some newer features that include the text-to-speech readout of street names. The lower-end model starts at about $550. I wonder how well it actually does across the country with names? This is a big challenge for TTS engines as you ideally want to have all of the names in the lexicon with their pronunciations as well as having the voice talent from which the engine was created to have read many of the most frequent names. If you've got both of those bases covered, a concatencative TTS engine should have no problem producing intelligible and natural sounding proper names. Unfortunately, most general purpose TTS engines don't have either (1) or (2) above, which is why you get TTS navigation systems that avoid pronuncing names. A good example of this is my Toyota Prius which is more like a voice prompt rather than TTS. That is, it has a limited set of phrases it can piece together to guide you as in "At the next street, turn left."

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