Third Party Text to Speech Voices

Microsoft has a page buried on its website that details a few third party speech component companies. Unfortunately, the page was showing a few companies that are slightly out of date (as of today - although I've requested to the appropriate authorites that the site be updated immediately). At any rate, I'm pasting the information and links that I think SHOULD appear on that site. (Please note, if they are the same - that's good news that they've updated the site).

Here are a few companies that offer third party TTS voices for download:

AT&T Natural Voices



Acapela group





NeoSpeech, Inc.


Feel free to comment on others that you know about.

Comments (2)

  1. bmetz says:

    This list should help flesh it out:

    Listing the concatenative TTS engines is a fair start, and I see IBM notably missing..

  2. I was supposed to be in a training class all day today, but it was just cancelled, so I have a few moments…

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