3rd party text-to-speech software – Adding effects to TTS

There are a whole bunch of text-to-speech programs out there for your PC, and one that I recently demos is called A1 SpeechTRON. While a seemingly simple program, allows you to enter text into a text field and have it be read back to the user - while nothing novel (the similar little app can be found when downloading the MS Speech SDK), the program boasts at having 18 new TTS voices! In fact, the voices are only 3 or so voices that can be selected to be played "via telephone" (so the signal's lower frequencies are cut-off along with the higher ones) or "in outer space" (there's an echo effect added). Kind of a few cool features similar to what MAC has done to its TTS in its newest Tiger OS (e.g., a voice can be played with an underwater effect, that is, with bubble like noises around the signal). It's interesting how the same signal can be altered to allow the appearance of multiple voices. I'm about to do some more investingating of Mac's Tiger TTS and will have more to say shortly.


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