ClearType text filtering relies heavily on alpha blending (overview of ClearType). This algorithm must know the color of the text and the color behind the text before creating the final glyph bitmap. Determining the background color can sometimes be a very expensive process (eg. text in a container with a partially transparent background). In order…


WPF Text Measurement Units

The WPF text team has seen some people get confused about what units WPF uses when measuring text. Samer, a developer on the WPF text team, and I have created this post to try and shed some light on this subject. The first part of this post is very straight forward, whereas the end will…


WPF TypeCon Workshop Material

Thanks to all who attended TypeCon’s Fonts and Typography in WPF workshop. We had a great time chatting with you all Thursday morning. In the below zip file you can find some of the material we went over in the lab. This includes: 1. The extremely useful WPF Layout and Font Quick Reference which lists and describes…

Microsoft Surface

Unrelated to text, but extremely cool…  Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates once talked about putting a PC on every desk. Now Gates is talking about turning the desk itself — or a tabletop — into a computer. Microsoft is set to announce an ambitious new computing category today called “surface computing” to try to make it…


Dot Net Solution’s WPF Wikipedia Explorer

  Dot Net Solutions created a fun Wikipedia explorer app that takes Wikipedia content and displays it in a WPF FlowDocument and also adds in a 3D topic explorer. Fun app that ou can install through click-once here: