Caret Brush

WPF provides extensive customizability to app authors, allowing them to change the default look and feel of most controls. One exception to this has been the color of the caret in WPF TextBoxes and RichTextBoxes.  Since this functionality was not originally provided, the community has been forced to create complex workarounds. In WPF 4.0, control…

Selection Brush

The default visual appearance of most objects in WPF can be easily tweaked, if not swapped out for a completely different visual tree.  This provides developers far greater power over the visual look of an application than ever before. Facilitating the creation of highly customized apps has become a major adoption point for WPF. Despite…


Text as a decorative element

  Lorin on our SDK team just posted a great sample on how to use FormattedText to create fun decorative text. Check it out:   -Chris Han