WPF 3.5 to support the languages of ~1 billion more people

We’re quite excited about our upcoming WPF 3.5 release which will now support seven Indic scripts!! For those of you curious about what languages this implies, here’s a mapping between scripts, languages, and fonts: Script Font Languages Devangari Mangal Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit Bengali Vrinda Bengali Gujarati Shruti Gujarati Gurmukhi Raavi Punjabi Oriya Kalinga Oriya Tamil…


WPF TypeCon Workshop Material

Thanks to all who attended TypeCon’s Fonts and Typography in WPF workshop. We had a great time chatting with you all Thursday morning. In the below zip file you can find some of the material we went over in the lab. This includes: 1. The extremely useful WPF Layout and Font Quick Reference which lists and describes…

Job opening in the Windows text team

Hi everyone, our team is seeking a strong developer to help us design and deliver world-class text processing components for the newer versions of Microsoft Windows. To apply, please follow this link – http://members.microsoft.com/careers/search/details.aspx?JobID=33E1258A-46D7-4CA5-94D4-6BB426792B19 Thanks for your interest, and best regards, Mikhail Leonov WPF Text team

Microsoft Surface

Unrelated to text, but extremely cool…  Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates once talked about putting a PC on every desk. Now Gates is talking about turning the desk itself — or a tabletop — into a computer. Microsoft is set to announce an ambitious new computing category today called “surface computing” to try to make it…


Silverlight Times Reader on a Mac

You may have seen people on the subway or bus reading the New York Times on a tablet PC.  You might even use the reader yourself.  The reader has gotten some really impressive adoption since launching not long ago.  But you probably haven’t seen anyone enjoying this amazing online/offline reading experience on a Macintosh.  Macintosh…


The Art, Science, and Business of Killer Content Experiences MIX Session

I hope some of you who are attending MIX were able to attend this talk this morning. If not, here’s a short summary of the chat along with some screen shots of the Silverlight Times Reader prototype that was demo’ed during the talk. Kevin Gjerstad, Group Program Manager of WPF, walked through some of the…


WPF font selection model

Hi,my name is Mikhail Leonov, I’m a developer on the WPF Text team. WPF introduces a new font selection model that allows applications to select fonts using FontFamily, FontWeight, FontStyle and FontStretch properties. Customers often need to know how the information stored in the font files is mapped to these properties by the WPF engine,…


Fortes is back.

Fil Fortes has restarted blogging on WPF flow & text topics. Lots of good posts including a bindable run conrol and discussions about inline: http://fortes.com

.NET 3.0 available in XP optional software update

.NET 3.0 is now available in XP SP2 as an optional windows software update, probably the quickest and easiest way to install it!   -Chris Han

Tim’s Intro to Great WPF apps

Tim Sneath has just started an ‘Intro to great WPF apps’ series starting with the British Library’s XBAP for viewing historical books. It’s all using bitmaps and not text but it’s a very fun app: http://blogs.msdn.com/tims/default.aspx.   “The British Library have digitized the pages of fifteen of their most valuable works and created Turning the Pages,…