I’m on PCP (and you can be too)

No, not that PCP.  The PCP to which I refer is the Parallel Computing Platform, a fairly new organization within Developer Division that is working to unlock new experiences for PC users by making it much, much easier for developers to build applications that leverage the opportunities for parallelism afforded by new multi-core CPUs.  Read…


TechEd EMEA 2007 Recap

I’m late in getting this blog entry out, but I wanted to do a quick recap of the Visual C++ team’s trip to TechEd and follow-on trip to Munich.  As I mentioned previously, my talk on debugging in VC++ 2008 went well, and my audience was an unusually attractive bunch.  Ale Contenti and Kate Gregory…


Talking debugging in the tent at TechEd

How big is TechEd? So big that they had to add additional capacity to the conference center here in Barcelona in the form of two vast portable session halls, lovingly referred to as “Tent1” and “Tent2.” Yours truly was lucky enough to give his session on Debugging and Crash Dump Analysis in VC++ 2008 in…


In Barcelona for TechEd

Hey, long time, no blog.  I’m in TechEd this week along with Ale Contenti for TechEd EMEA.  Luckily, my trip was pretty much uneventful (if you don’t count the up-close-and-personal wanding I received at SeaTac airport), and I even have my luggage, unlike last year.  If you’re going to be at TechEd and want to…


The "other" Steve T. and the API war

Interesting blog entry from my old friend and colleague Steve Trefethen on Microsoft APIs.  Steve brings up a lot of good points, and I particularly agree that the API landscape is way more fragmented and confusing than it should be, and we at Microsoft need to fix that.  However, I also come in on the…


Stupid idea of the week: DCE

A number of news aggregators and blogs have picked up this Broadcasting & Cable story, reporting that HBO CTO Bob Zitter wants to stop referring to content securing technology as DRM and begin referring to it as DCE, for Digital Customer Enablement.  Are you kidding me?  Enablement?! Seriously. Look, if you own content, you have…


Corporate Moneyball

International readers, please bear with me while I get all North American-centric on you for a sec.  One of my favorite “business” books in recent years is Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game by Michael Lewis.  On the surface, Moneyball is a book about baseball and specifically about my hometown team, the Oakland…


Progress bar, the lie we all accept

Remember the good old days, when a progress bar in the user interface actually provided an indication of, well, progress? Alas, today the progress bar devolved into little more than a dancing monkey, doing the electric slide back and forth in its tiny box in an attempt to simultaneously communicate to me that something is happening…



No, it’s not a code name for some cool, new developer tool.  It’s what I found hanging out outside my window this morning.  Kinda cool.


Best blog comment ever

Just had to share this.  We received this message via the feedback form on the VC++ team blog: My text book says to make a simple program. None of the new files have the option(simple program).   What would be the correct file? A File|New|Simple Program wizard would indeed be handy! Probably second in usefulness…