Parallel Computing Road Trip Debrief

I returned last week from a two-week road trip in Europe that involved stops in Barcelona for TechEd Developers EMEA 2008 and Berlin for Technical Summit 2008.

At TechEd I gave two technical breakout sessions, one entitled "Bringing Out the Best in Multi-core Systems," where I highlighted performance engineering and analysis on multi-core hardware (featuring our Visual Studio 2010 technology, naturally) and the other called, "Parallel Programming for C++ Developers in the Next Version of VS," where I focused on Parallel Pattern Library (PPL) and the other upcoming parallel goodies for C++ developers in Visual Studio 2010.  There is nothing quite like presenting pre-beta developer tools to keep you at the top of your presentation-giving game.  In my case, it's possible that I may or may not have had to tap dance a little when my machine blue screened in the middle of a demo...

What can I say? If it worked right we'd already be shipping it... and luckily there is still a good deal of runway left before we ship it.  🙂

My colleagues Daniel Moth and Joe Duffy also delivered presentations on parallel computing technologies.  In Daniel's case, he did an overview of our parallel technologies for .NET developers, while Joe delivered a deep dive on the Concurrency Runtime.  The video of Daniel's talk is available to the public on the TechEd website, but you can only get to Joe's and my talk if you are a registered attendee.

If you're jonesing for video, I did managed to do an interview with the good folks at the Intel Software Network, which you can watch here:

I also did a podcast with those wild and crazy NxtGenUG guys out of the UK (I start about 5:59 into the podcast).  To make it clear how I rate with the NxGenUG folks, you'll note that the claim-to-fame by which I am introduced is as "Daniel Moth's boss." 🙂

After a long weekend off with my wife, Helen, in Madrid, I shuffled off to Berlin for TechSummit.  At TechSummit I delivered the keynote presentation as well as a slightly abridged repeat of my "Bringing Out the Best in Multi-core Systems" session from TechEd.

Luckily, no blue screens were seen during the course of these presentations.

In addition to my presentations, I also made time for a briefing with the German IT press and also video interviews with Channel8 and Channel9.  Channel8 is geared toward the student community, so in this interview I kind of talk about what I do for a living and riff a bit on interning at Microsoft.  In that Channel9 interview I drill into the capabilities of the profiling technology that we are building for Visual Studio 2010.  A portion of this video is a shot of my laptop screen, so you'll be able to follow it best if you view the video in full screen mode.

If you can read German or are handy with a web translator, you can check out the blog buzz on Technical Summit here.

Finally, I should also mention that the Parallel Computing Platform team delivered a number of great session as PDC this year.  If you haven't had a chance to see the videos yet, you can find them here (filter on "Parallelism").

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