Technical Summit Keynote Video Goes Live

The video of the keynote presentation for Technical Summit 2008 in Berlin has gone live.  Unless you’re fluent in German, you’ll want to skip to about 14:55 into the video for my English bit.  🙂

Parallel Computing Road Trip Debrief

I returned last week from a two-week road trip in Europe that involved stops in Barcelona for TechEd Developers EMEA 2008 and Berlin for Technical Summit 2008. At TechEd I gave two technical breakout sessions, one entitled “Bringing Out the Best in Multi-core Systems,” where I highlighted performance engineering and analysis on multi-core hardware (featuring…

Parallel Computing: see us at a conference near you

I’ve been getting periodic reports back from the team this week on how things are going at PDC.  Customers seem to be very jazzed about parallel computing, our sessions have been enthusiastically received, and my team’s debugger and profiler work seems especially popular.  The team also tells me that those customers interested in parallel computing…


Parallel Tools on Channel9

Sean Nordberg, Daniel Moth, and I sat down with Charles earlier this week to talk about tooling for building parallel apps and show of some of the things we’re working on for Visual Studio.  If you’d like to learn more, we’ll be presenting at both PDC and TechEd Europe over the next month, and we’d…


Action-packed video: Steve and Steve on parallelism

InformIT just posed a new video (part 1, part 2, part 3) in their OnMicrosoft series in which Steve Toub and I chat with Ted Neward about parallel computing.  I just watched some of it, and I was pleased to observe that Steve and I don’t look like total dorks.  Aside from them repeatedly misspelling…


Hear Steve on .NET Rocks!

I had an opportunity to chat with Carl and Richard of .NET Rocks! fame recently about the future of parallel computing on the client and some of the near-term technologies we’re building on the Parallel Computing Platform team.  Listen in and let me know what you think.


Supercomputers in Dresden and Tear Gas in Paris

A little preamble: this blog entry may win some sort of infamy award for sitting in my Live Writer drafts folder since late June.  Dang, time sure does fly.  Anyhow, the irony of sitting on a blog entry for for three months doesn’t escape me, but what the hell… I’m posting it anyway.   I…


Parallel Developer Tools

Having been on the job for a few months now, I feel like the team and I are finally beginning to settle in.  It’s been a period of significant flux for the Parallel Developer Tools team that included a new leader and (largely) new team trying to adjust to one another, building a plan for…