I’m on PCP (and you can be too)

No, not that PCP.  The PCP to which I refer is the Parallel Computing Platform, a fairly new organization within Developer Division that is working to unlock new experiences for PC users by making it much, much easier for developers to build applications that leverage the opportunities for parallelism afforded by new multi-core CPUs.  Read more on the coming shift to parallel computing and what it means for developers in this Microsoft white paper and Herb Sutter's The Free Lunch is Over article from Dr. Dobb's Journal.

Yes, this means I've moved on from the Visual C++ team.  In my new role I'll be serving as Product Unit Manager for the Parallel Developer Tools team within the PCP organization.  My team is focused on the tooling developers need to build highly parallel software, such as debuggers, profilers, analysis, and designers.

So how can you be on PCP? You can start by visiting our Parallel Computing MSDN dev center.  If you're really ambitious, you can start playing with our Parallel Extensions to .NET 3.5 CTP.  Of course, there's more where that came from, and in the coming months you can expect to see things like parallel development libraries and tools for both native and managed code developers.

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  1. Lino Tadros says:

    Congratulations Steve!

    Best wishes!

    Based on your great success on the VC++ team, I look forward to seeing great things on Parallel Computing in the neart future.

    Go Steve! Go Microsoft!


  2. Congrats Steve! Sounds like an exciting place to be with a lot in store for the future. Now, just keep the blog posts coming!  🙂

  3. imhelendt says:

    Really? *I* can be on the team? ;P

  4. Lino and Steve: Thanks for the kind wishes! Now I’ll need to recruit you guys as MVPs.  🙂

    Honey: You *are* on the team.  🙂

  5. Andre says:

    Hey Steve, congrats on your new job. I hope that just because you moved to a different team that doesn’t mean you don’t blog about C++ anymore.

    Is the PCP team responsible for OpenMP too?

  6. Hi Andre,

    I’ll certainly be blogging about C++ stuff as it touches the parallel computing space.

    Right now OpenMP is owned by the VC++ team.  In PCP-land, we’re both looking at interoperability between OpenMP and other PCP technologies (e.g., ConcRT) as well as investigating the tooling story around OpenMP.


  7. Welcome to the fortieth issue of Community Convergence. This week we have two new releases of note: We

  8. Andre says:

    Hey Steve, what happened with my last post? Please check the spam filter.


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