Still using VS 2003?

If you're still using VS 2003, you should pick up the service pack.  We posted a few details about SP1 on the VC++ team blog.

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  1. Andre says:

    Still using VC6?

    If you are still using VC6 – although you have VS2005 already bought and installed a while ago – you should wait for the SP1 😉

    I hope that now with SP1 for VS2003 beeing released you put the free manpower on the SP1 for the VS2005.

    Steve, I would like to hear your opinion whether or not to use COM for the development of a new component based application.

    There is a large native C/C++ code base, where porting to managed code is not an option because it is also used on other OS and even microcontrollers.

    The first option would be to use COM, so the components can be written entirely in native C++, any .NET language and even Java with JCOM.

    The second option would be to use the .NET component model and write some components with C# and the other ones with C++/CLI.

    Office 2007 and Vista introduces new COM interfaces, so all the talk about COM beeing dead doesn’t seem to be true.

  2. Andre, Indeed, with VS2003 SP1 done we are now focusing on VS2005 SP1, as well as continuing work on Orcas.  I attempted to answer your COM question here:

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