Welcome to the Show, Nick

After years of working in the consulting field, my good friend, Nick Hodges, recently jumped into the developer tools business as the product manager for Delphi at "DevCo" (what the Borland IDE people like to call themselves these days).  I'm glad to see someone with Nick's passion and intellectual horsepower joining the Delphi team.  I firmly believe that strong Borland DevCo tools are good for all of us in the Windows tools business.  Superior tools means cooler, better apps built faster and also challenge us here in Dev Div to push the envelope on our own work.  Given Borland's track record of dev tools product decision making over the last several years, I devoutly hope Nick can remain his own man, and do the necessary things even if they run counter to the prevailing conventional wisdom.

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  1. Nick Hodges says:

    TRex —

    Thanks for the gracious welcome, my man.  😉


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