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Steve Teixeira is the Product Unit Manager for the Parallel Development Tools team within Developer Division's Parallel Computing Platform organzation. The Parallel Development Tools team is responsible for envisioning, incubating, and shipping the tools needed by software developers to build applications that fully leverage multi/many-core CPUs.  Previously, Steve was the Group Program Manager for the Microsoft Visual C++ team, where he was responsible for product strategy, definition, development process, and customer interaction.  Steve has a broad base of management and hands-on experience in software development and information technology.  Prior to joining Microsoft, Steve was co-founder and CTO of Falafel Software, a consultancy specializing in .NET.  Steve has also held positions as Director of Product Architecture at Zone Labs, a leader in Internet security, CTO of ThinSpace, a mobile/wireless software company, and CTO of Full Moon Interactive, a full-service e-business builder. As a research and development engineer at Borland, Steve was instrumental in the design and development of Delphi and C++Builder. Steve is the best-selling author of five award-winning books and numerous magazine articles on software development, and his writings are distributed worldwide in more than a dozen languages. Steve is also frequent speaker at industry conferences and events worldwide.

You can reach Steve via email at stevetei at microsoft dot com.

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