Phoenix: The Future of Compilers & Tools

The VC++ team and Microsoft Research have been working for some time on a project called Phoenix, which is our next generation platform for generating, analyzing, and transforming programs.  Kang Su has recently begun blogging about Phoenix — highly recommended reading for anyone in working on compilers and tools, commercially or academically.

What icon should we use for macros?

Note to self: need to make VC++ so cool that the very icons in the IDE are deemed newsworthy.


More VC6 migration

In the comment area, Nish Sivakumar, VC++ MVP, pointed out some further VC6 migration info available on his blog.  I want to make sure Nish gets proper airtime, since his blog is a great VC++ resource


C++/CLI now an International Standard!

Breaking news… The ECMA General Assembly has approved C++/CLI as an international standard.  ECMA has also submitted the C++/CLI standard to ISO for fast-track processing.


Migrating from VC6

I’m back in Redmond today after spending a few days in Dallas for the VC++ Accelerator Lab.  Thanks to all that attended! The lab was a great success, with most attendees completing their port to VC++ 2005 or leaving with only minor issues to resolve.  A lot of our customers are moving to Visual C++ 2005…


Deep in the Heart of Texas

I’m here in Dallas delivering 2005’s final VC++ Accelerator Lab at our Las Colinas campus with Ayman Shoukry, Jonathan Caves, and Samer Boshra.  Some of you may be interested to know that I elected to stay in a non-cricket hotel this time around.  We did have one major disappointment on this trip when we discovered…


MFC and WinForms integration posted a brief-but-informative article by Nick Wienholt on MFC and WinForms integration in Visual Studio 2005: Part 1 and Part 2.

Gettin’ my read on

I travel a good deal.  So, what that means — other than that I’ve hardened to the point that I will readily drown baby kittens for an exit row seat — is that a read a lot.  I like to mix up the reading; I’ll alternate between classics and contemporary stuff, fiction and non-fiction.  I…


So what’s the VC++ team doing, then?

Reader Peter accepts that the VC++ team might have different priorities than the C# or VB teams, but this leads to another question: “Fair enough. Then I ask: What features did the C++ team put in instead when deciding not to put in feature supported by VB and C#? That is, if C++ doesn’t have…


Is C++ a first-class .NET language?

I get this question pretty frequently.  Most recently, reader Wil brings it up in response to my last blog post.  It’s a very fair question; we keep talking about how cool C++/CLI is, but there is no denying that several of Microsoft’s tools and technologies support only C# and VB.  I’d like to take the…