Workaround for Microsoft UAG Connection errors when using Internet Explorer 11 with Windows 8.1


UAG SP4 has been released that has added support for Win 8.1 and IE11 that fixes the blog issue described below.  More info here:



UAG connectivity issues with Windows 8.1 and IE 11. 

As more people are upgrading to Windows 8.1 and IE 11, I have been seeing issues connecting to our UAG site. They are seeing what looks to be a mobile view of our login page, and once connected there are no applications defined.  Until a permanent fix comes out, here's one way to work around the issue (results may vary). 

Try these steps below.


  1. When you go to our UAG site with IE 11, you will see this; which is not the normal log on page

2. Launch Internet Explorer go to tools menu and Compatibility view settings and add our UAG site to compatibility view

3. Hit the F12 key, this will bring up the Developer tools on the bottom of the screen

4. Hit the down arrow and scroll all the way down to the Emulation Option

5. Change the user agent option to Internet Explorer 9 or 10

6.  Now browse to the UAG site and Login with your credentials, if you have already logged in you must logout and login again


Comments (8)

  1. Has anyone tried accessing UAG portal enabling dual auth. I am getting error "Complete all required field before logging on" regardless of what I type in password windows.

    I have enabled Radius and LDAP auth both in UAG (without any customization) and with IE 11 and windows 8.1 even using compatibility mode it fails. It only work for single auth.

    Any suggestion?



  2. Eddie says:

    Doing this did not do the job completely. I also had to add the uag url to trusted websites in order to get the active-X component installed. Then it worked. Thanks

  3. Wayne says:

    I guess the question needs to be asked – when is Microsoft going to release an update to UAG that properly supports Internet Explorer 11 ?  

  4. Peter says:

    This fix does not work for clients connecting to our UAG server. When can we expect to see a REAL server side patch/fix/resolution for this issue?

  5. Stefan Franken says:

    Thanks a lot. This helps me to save much time.

  6. UAG-User says:

    This does not help for companies using this to publish a SharePoint extranet for use with clients or business partners.  We can't modify their IE settings on their corporate PCs or home PCs.  Why wasn't there a fix put out there for this?  Why is UAG still so far behind Windows 8.1?  Both products are made by the same company.  It makes our company look bad when this is out of our control.  The latest we have from Microsoft support is still no ETA on SP4.  That is unacceptable.

  7. Marcus Barton says:

    UAG SP4 has been released that has added support for Win 8.1 and IE11.  More info here:…/forefront-unified-access-gateway-2010-sp4-released.aspx

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