Help! Visual Studio is not displaying real-time graphs during the execution of a load test.


Here is a very peculiar, interesting, and obscure issue/behavior in Visual Studio that you will rarely find. But if you do, this post will save you time!


  • When running a Load Test in Visual Studio the real time graphs do not display any information (see image below)
  • Changing the graph (e.g. from Key Indicators to System Under Test) does not solve the problem
  • The tables and other parts of the UI do show data
  • When loading the results after the tests finished, the graphs show the correct data


Root cause of the problem

The time in the Visual Studio machine was incorrect.


1. Ensure that both machines have the “Automatically adjust for clock Daylight Saving Time” in the Time Zone either checked or unchecked.

2. Select the correct time zone and time for both machines

3. Restart Visual Studio and connect to the test run

Important: Even though the display time may be the same, ensure that the actual time (difference from UTC) is correct. Keep reading for the details.


In my case the Visual Studio client machine was not automatically adjusting for daylight savings. At one moment I noticed that the time in the controller and the client was not the same, I changed the time in the client to match the controller and it still did not work  *&#*^$# (because even though the “displayed time” was the same, the difference from UTC time was different). A few hours later a coworker and I restarted the machine and noticed that the time was out of synch again. That is when we decided to look at the daylight saving option, checked the option, synched the time, and solved the problem!

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  1. John Leung says:

    Good article. Solved my issue.

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