UAG Service Pack 3

If you haven’t heard by now, Service Pack 3 for Unified Access Gateway (UAG) was released yesterday.  In addition to many fixes, this eagerly awaited service pack includes:

  • Added Support for new clients
    • Windows 8 and Windows RT
      Forefront UAG 2010 SP3 supports Windows 8 and Windows RT client computers using Internet Explorer 10 and Internet Explorer 10 on the desktop. In addition, SP3 also supports the following client applications running on Windows 8 and Windows RT:
      • Mail: the built-in Mail application on Windows 8 / Windows RT computers can be used to connect to Exchange servers published through UAG 2010 SP
      • Remote Desktop: UAG 2010 SP3 adds support for the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) 8.0 client that is running on Windows 8
    • Windows Phone 8
      SP3 for UAG 2010 adds support for mobile phone devices running the Windows Phone 8 Operating System
  • Added client applications such as Office 2013 and Remote Desktop Client 8.0 (Win 7 SP1)
  • Application publishing of SharePoint 2013 and Exchange 2013

We’ve been testing this in the lab for a while now and our favorite is the Windows 8 support (especially since we’re all using Windows 8). 

So if you’re running UAG, you’ll definitely want to get Service Pack 3.

You can also find out more information on what’s new.

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