Newest Servers in the Labs

Our team, Testing Services and Labs, help customers test, analyze and remediate IT solutions.  Not only do we do this by providing some very talented and experienced consultants, who can work with you onsite, but we also have three, great lab facilities across the U.S. 

Located in Charlotte (NC), Dallas (TX) and Issaquah (WA), these facilities have some of the latest and greatest hardware for real-world testing.  This allows you to perform testing on enterprise-class hardware that is dedicated to you during the testing (not a shared environment), where you have complete control (even console access) to the bare metal.  We help customers do all sorts of testing such as application scalability testing (something we’ve been doing for a very long time), migration testing (focusing on the backend), disaster recovery testing and more.   We’ve even helped customers spin up reasonable facsimiles of private cloud solutions, O365 SharePoint, CRM and the like.

Staffed with top notch infrastructure consultants, these facilities were designed from the ground up specifically for testing purposes.  Not only do the facilities themselves reflect this, but the processes and procedures our infrastructure consultants use are designed (and continually refined) to make your testing happen smoothly and efficiently.  For example, think back of the last time you had to make a change to a testing environment that you’ve worked in (add an additional web server, make a storage configuration change, or add a server to a SAN fabric).  Was it difficult?  Did it happen quickly?  These are all examples of change that can happen in minutes at our facilities (not days).

Since we attempt to help customers test proactively and forward looking, it is important for us to keep our inventory fairly current and up-to-date.  With that said, we just received our newest shipment of equipment recently.  Have a gander at the group of servers we just racked:

  • Dell PowerEdge R910
  • 4 processors, 10 cores each, total: 40 cores
  • 8GB dimms, 8 dimms per memory module, 8 memory modules, total memory: 512GB
  • Local storage: 16 drives @ 300GB, 15k RPM
  • Multiple connectivity options including 10 GB Ethernet and 8 GB HBA for SAN connectivity


WP_000455 WP_000459

WP_000456 WP_000457

WP_000458 WP_000468

WP_000461 WP_000469

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