Software development process

1) Order t-shirts for the development team 2) Announce the release date 3) Write the code 4) Write the manual 5) Hire a PM 6) PM spec the software based on the code (to ensure the software meets the specifications) 7) Ship/Launch 8) Test with real users (free) 9) Bugs are potential enhancements 10) Announce…


Exploring “Exploratory Testing”

My current team has been integrating this testing technique for a while now along with the traditional testing methods of manual testing as well as automation.  Most of the testing community that I have known seem to brush this testing technique off simply as “monkey testing” which doesn’t really provide any significant yield on bugs…


Help! I found a bug in my code

Okay, after a long sabbatical from writing blogs due to various reasons (over-worked, personal reasons, or just plain lazy), I am about to begin start blogging again.  My MSDN blog ranking has taken such an embarrassing tumble that I think I need to start hustling up again.  So, to welcome myself back to blogosphere, what…



Today was an eye opener for me.  When I browsed through my Flickr account, I happened to notice the greetings-in-different-language on my Flickr home page.  You know the usual phrases “Kumusta ch4n!” (Tagalog), or “Hola ch4n!” (Spanish), or “Bonjour ch4n!” (French), etc. etc.  However, I noticed something different today on that greeting.  “OH HAI ch4n!”. …



Today is meant to be the power of two’s day.  2¹ => 2 2² => 4 2³ => 8 Putting together make 2/4/8 => 2/4/08. Of course, back home in Asia and possibly in other places around the globe today is actually 2²/2¹/2³ which isn’t as interesting. k.  ’nuff nerdinous for the day.


Bill Gates The Software Tester

This year is going to be a memorable one since it’s the last year that Bill is going to be with us ‘softie full time.  In light of the upcoming retirement, I decided to read on his bio just to learn a bit more about him.  What I found out was somewhat amazing, especially his…